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We are the makers of the Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ product range,
a specially designed tools that has unique features in the market today.
Our Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ products are easy to use with high quality results.

Hello, my name is Craig Le Breton
I have over 30 years experience in the building & construction industry. 
I am a licensed wall and floor tiler and I also hold a builder’s licence for swimming pool construction (Licence No. 1009866).
Our company C-Cut Tools Australasia Pty Ltd. ABN: 65 106 406 053 
We have been trading since July 2006.

* Our mission is: Quality, Commitment and Service in all areas.

How to use the Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ products
Why the name C-Cut Tools?

There are many different ways of cutting tiles and other materials,
we have put together a short video demonstrating "How to use"
The Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ product range. 

* A cordless drill is more than adequate for most jobs.

* It is most important that the Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ products are kept wet during use! Using soapy water.
We recommend you create a dam using blu-tack or putty, put this around the area to be cut, this will help retain the water and prolong the life of the Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ products. 

* It is best to have your drill in motion before commencing the cut
approach the surface that you wish to cut, starting the hole saw on a 30 to 45 degree angle then, slowly begin to bring your drill to an upright position.

* Keep it wet at all times.
* You do not need to use excessive force or drill speed.
* Let the Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ do the work.

You will surprise yourself using the Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ product range.   

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