Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ Product Range

The Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ product range
is now available in stores across Australia.

The Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ product range 
is easy to use and give high quality results.

Our Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ products
are manufactured to last for up to:10 to 40 cuts (wet cut only).

We know we manufacture the best cutting products, because of our years of hands on experience in the field. Our Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ product range is German engineered to our specifications, making the product range unique in the market. The whole manufacturing process for our product range is carried out under the highest quality control system to date, on the one factory floor.
The diamonds are of the highest quality yet so fine, the smaller hole saws are made from the pressing of one steel tube. The larger hole saws are made from three pieces the shank, cup and body. They're then welded together using a laser. Not by conventional heat induction, as heat induction can cause tiny cracks during the brazing process.
The rim is then pressed, passing through to be electro-plated; then follows the last procedure which is nickel plating.

We test all products in our Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ product range 
on all different types of materials, both in house and in the field.
We have many tradespeople using our Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ products and we receive great recognition and the referrals say it all.

The Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ range of products are availble from: 5mm to 128mm.

 * Our mission is: Quality, Commitment and Service in all areas.

We will continue to manufacture the highest quality range of superior products under the Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ brand.

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