What people say about our tools

Since purchasing the Diamond Coated Hole Saw products through our local tile store we have increased our capability to cut a larger range of tiles to all floor waste sizes which enables us to move quickly on to the next job and without chipping or breaking tiles. We have purchased the range that suits us and we are very happy with what we are achieving.

This has in turn impressed our builders and trade associates.

We will continue to use these cutting products and we would recommend them to everyone in a trade, and it is a must to have a set of these at home. Great for the DIY home repairer.

Thank You C-Cut Tools for making our job easier.

Angela Willingham, GJ & AM Investments Pty Ltd

I first used the Diamond Coated Hole Saw products 6 months ago when laying porcelain wall tiles. The holes needed for the plumbing fixtures had little margin for error and it became clear that an angle grinder and a pair of tile nippers would not do the job.

I purchased a 42mm hole saw from my local tile shop and was greatly impressed by the smooth cut it made in the porcelain tile.

I have since purchased 63mm, 86mm and 110mm hole saws for floor wastes and have received many compliments on the neat cutting around the floor waste from homeowners and builders.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the Diamond Coated Hole Saw product range to anyone who wants a neat professional finish.

Rob Castellano Tiling, Whitsundays, Qld

I have been tilling for 30 years on the Central Coast of NSW. I visited Modern Tiles our local C-Cut Tools distributer where I purchased a 110mm and a 124mm hole saws. I used the 110mm to cut out 100mm x 100mm mosaics for a floor waste and was very impressed with the unit.

Not only could I cut all four tiles at the same time (made up a mounting unit on a large board and kept it well lubricated) the holes were also very close to the edge of the tile. I could not have done this with pinchers or a saw and the clean cut was terrific. You have won me.

I strive to be the best on the Central Coast and the Diamond Coated Hole Saw products will only make the finish even better.

Lindsay Walsh, Berkeley Vale, NSW

I've been buying the Diamond Coated Hole Saw products for two years now and I can't thank you enough for creating these product. The amount of time I save on each job would have to be at least an hour and over 12 months it sure adds up.

I am averaging around 150 - 200 holes per bit and I find using lots of water so the diamonds don't heat up is the key to prolonged bits.

Keep up the good work guy's and if any new products are coming out please don't hesitate to forward a brochure to Rural & Remote Tiling.

Riley Saunders, Rural & Remote Tiling