Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ products superior to other drilling and hole saw products?

Our products have a continuous rim and unique visible diamond appearance which gives a finer cut. When using our Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ products, ensure you use plenty of water. This will help prolong the life of our entire product range.

What sizes are available

The Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ range of products are available from: 5mm to 128mm.

Do I need to be a specialist to use them?

The Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ product range is easy to use and give high quality results.

Are your products recommended?

We know we manufacture the best cutting products, because of our years of hands on experience in the field. We test all products in our Diamond Coated Hole Saw_ product range on all different types of materials, both in house and in the field. We have many tradespeople using our Diamond Coated Hole Saw™ products and we receive great recognition and the referrals say it all.

Why the name C-Cut Tools?

  • A cordless drill is more than adequate for most jobs.
  • It is most important that the Diamond Coated Hole Saw products are kept wet during use! Using soapy water.
We recommend you create a dam or use our water containment ring, put this around the area to be cut, this will help retain the water and prolong the life of the Diamond Coated Hole Saw products. 
  • It is best to have your drill in motion before commencing the cut
approach the surface that you wish to cut, starting the hole saw on a 30 to 45 degree angle then, slowly begin to bring your drill to an upright position.
  • Keep it wet at all times.

  • You do not need to use excessive force or drill speed.
  • Let the Diamond Coated Hole Saw do the work.
  • You will surprise yourself using the Diamond Coated Hole Saw product range.